Corporate Excellence Academy

The current economic climate is one which demands businesses to gain complete advantage over their competitors. Well trained, masterfully skilled and excellently educated employees makes this possible. It is vital specifically in positions where attitude, emotional intelligence and business acumen is key. NLP training by a Master Coach will give your team the unfair advantage.

Our curriculum focuses on:

Employee Training is often overlooked and considered a nice-to-have, rather than an essential investment. Studies however highlighted that Employee Training can improve production and innovation. It cuts overall company costs, reduce mistakes and create the optimal working environment. When every one gets better, then everyone gets better!

The question isn’t whether you can afford Employee Training, but rather “Can you afford not to?”

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a one-on-one designed relationship between a professional coach and a key player within an organisation. It is usually focussed on executive performance and development, but often also serves a personal component.

Executive Coaching focuses on developing high performing and potential leaders, rather than on poor performers. Research has proven that coaching top executives yields up to 700% the company’s initial investment. While studies haven’t been done on SME’s, it is to be expected that coaching would be as beneficial to them as to large companies – if not greater.