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School of Life NLP & Life Coaching training Academy offers a variety of NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Life Coach courses, training structures and programs. View any of the courses below and download a comprehensive PDF document entailing all the details for the relevant course or program. See our Life Coach Course

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School of Life is a LCR (International Life Coach Registrar) and COMENSA (Coaches & mentors of South Africa) – accredited life coach & NLP training provider.

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About NLP Life Coach Courses

School of Life NLP is an industry leader in NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming)  and Life Coaching courses. We take pride in being able to offer students across the globe a life coach training experience. With NLP coach courses and academies  in South Africa, New Zealand, London and Washington State, you can be assured that you will get the best training offered globally. 

If you have ever considered looking for jobs in coaching or have considered participating in an NLP or Life Coaching program, then School of Life NLP & Life Coach Academy is for you.

We also take pride in developing the leaders of tomorrow through our Future Leaders Programs, and we offer a variety of corporate courses. We want to change your life, so that you can change the lives of others. Also see our NLP Life Coaching Courses

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NLP Life Coaching Courses by the School of Life

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 At the School of Life, we are training future leaders and those who will go on to inspire others. Our NLP life coaching courses are the perfect start to your journey to greater understanding and our courses will help you to uncover hidden potential, both in yourself and in others. It’s our passion to offer each of our students a profoundly life-changing neuroscience coaching experience, by using our years of NLP experience and vast reserves of knowledge in transformational coaching.

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming and it is a technique used by life coaches all over the world, as well as by those looking to improve themselves. This technique encompasses communication, personal development and psychotherapy in order to change behaviour and bring about change in the lives of those who take part in the courses.


You can enjoy the benefits of NLP training at the School of Life.

Whether you have considered making a career out of life coaching, or if you are simply interested in participating in one of our NLP training coach courses, School of Life will help you achieve your goal.


You can book your NLP life coaching course to gain an NLP certification and become an NLP practitioner by getting in touch with the School of Life or by making a booking through our website today.

Life Coach NLP Courses

NLP is one of the more advanced styles of life coaching and with an NLP certification, you can help both yourself and others to reach new heights. We offer 4 NLP life coaching courses. The Life Coach and NLP Discovery Course, the Life Coach and NLP Training Course, the Life Coach and NLP Certificate Course and the Life Coach and NLP Diploma Course are each designed to equip students with all of the information they need to advance their lives.

Those who carry out the training are specialists in what they do and they have the experience to provide you with a quality training session. Our NLP courses can improve communication skills amongst the participants, give them the tools to handle conflict resolution and improve their overall emotional intelligence. Within just a few days, students will have the knowledge and skills needed to improve their lives. But it is not just about skills development. It’s about what the skills can be learnt too. By unleashing talents and giving students a positive confidence boost, every person who gains NLP skills has the power to improve their lives.

The Life Coach and NLP Discovery Course

This incredible course is designed to start the student off on a journey of self-discovery. As you discover more and more about who you really are, you will develop your true abilities and talents. This course is about unleashing your body and mind so that you live your life to your full potential. The great thing is that it is a one day course, and it will give you the in-depth look you need in order to launch your exploration of the world of NLP.

NLP is a hands-on experience and this one day NLP course gives you the full opportunity to see, feel and truly experience the unbelievable benefits and power of NLP.

The Life Coach and NLP Training Course

This is the NLP course designed for those who have an interest in learning more about NLP but who are not interested in becoming qualified life coaches. It’s a 3 day course and at the end of the course, you will have everything you need in order to improve your own day to day life. The best way to gain the knowledge you need to apply NLP, is to have a hands-on approach. With this course, you will get to grips with exactly what NLP is.

The Life Coach and NLP Certificate Course

A 7 day NLP course, the Life Coach and NLP Certificate Course will leave you with all of the knowledge and skills needed to elevate you to the status of a fully qualified life coach. Once this course is complete, you will have the ability to assist others in their quest for a better life by helping them uncover their own inner potential. Even if you are not going to practice your skills, you can always use the knowledge you have gained to improve your own life.

If you have always dreamed of helping others by becoming a life coach, this is certainly the course you will want to participate in. With the result being life coach certification, you can start your career as an NLP coach. You will receive professional, personal training which will provide you with everything you need to either empower your current career or help you along on a new career path.

The Life Coach and NLP Diploma Course

Finally, the last NLP focused course that we offer is the Life Coach and NLP Diploma Course. This is our most comprehensive NLP training course and it is ideal for those who want to become NLP coaches. To become an NLP practitioner, you need the information that we have to offer. If your goal is to help people to break through the barriers in their minds, to show them that they can become more than their current selves, then this is the course to take. Becoming an NLP practitioner will equip you with the skills to help those around you become better versions of themselves.

An NLP certification is not only for people wanting to become life coaches, they are also ideal for salespeople and HR personnel looking to inspire customers and staff alike. The skills associated with NLP are guaranteed to turn lives around in the best of ways.