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Coaching Manager Certificate

course overview

As a leader, senior manager or executive, you are often required to act as a coach or mentor for your staff. This certification course will enable you to set up robust coaching programs that can make a significant difference in staff retention and motivation. It will give you the knowledge and skills you need to encourage your staff to grow so that you can get on with your own essential leadership role.

People often join or set up a business because they have a specific set of skills. After a few years, these skills often bear no relation to the positions they find themselves in. The promotion has seen them rise in the company and suddenly they are faced with managing or leading a team of people. Sometimes, there is a reluctance to let go and trust others to carry out even minor tasks.

As a leader, it is easy to give suggestions and to jump in when the answers are clear. However, allowing people to come up with their own solutions and to work out their own strategies is far more empowering.

Your people need room to grow and make mistakes without feeling pressured. By employing coaching skills you will be able to challenge individuals when they falter. Asking open (what? when? where? why? how? who?) and incisive questions encourage them to explore different ways of addressing a problem and to think creatively.

Additionally, if you build on the success of each individual, it will inspire them to even greater achievements. This, in turn, will increase their morale and boost their self-confidence.

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