sol coach professional development programs detail:

certified ignite coach

certification method: practical assignments

Help your clients RE-IGNITE all aspects of their lives as a certified Ignite Coach.

Assist your clients to rediscover their true abilities and capabilities, overcome the limiting beliefs and presenting problems that prevented them from living up to their potential, and then develop a world class strategy and structure for achieving their greatest dreams and desires.

This is one of the most popular professional development certifications in the SOL stable.

As a certified SOL Ignite Coach, you will be invited to join the SOL IGNITE SA movement as a coach and facilitator.

This certification can be completed in class or as a one module practical assignment.

Practical assignment: Ignite Your Life – 13 week Coaching Program
In Course: 3 Day intense training session with a group of certified coaches

This certification is a prerequisite to form part of the IGNITE SA Prorgram.

Course Accredited By:

  • Duration:
    13 weeks
  • Non Members:
    R 3,499
  • Licenced Coach:
    R 2,499
  • Partner Coach:
    R 1,599
  • Accreditation:
    Certified SOL Ignite Coach