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Certified Professional Facilitator Course

about this course

Increase your professional credibility with your advanced skills as a facilitator. If you can build unity around a specific topic; use motivating questions to steer groups toward a plan of action and manages to get even unassertive individuals to actively engage – then you are an effective facilitator.

This hands-on workshop is designed to move you beyond just basic facilitation skills, into the  habit of high-level facilitation. Get exposure to the critical concepts and tools that creates tangible facilitation for all audiences. Practice your techniques, receive feedback and learn new strategies that you can use during your next meeting.

Our exceptional instructors, are masters in facilitation and modelling. They will teach you techniques that will guide you as you move through this workshop. You will participate in role-play, work on real life scenarios and observe critical techniques in action.

This is for you, if:

You want to be a competent and effective facilitator; You want to acquire tools and techniques to be a highly skilled communicator.

Course outcome:

An immersive experience that teaches and demonstrates effective tools and techniques. This ensures confident, competent and world-class facilitators.

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