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about this course

When people have a vision for their lives it makes everything easier, from goal-setting, prioritising actions and day-to-day activities to making tough decisions. In addition, when clients’ goals align with the vision they have for their life – and what’s most important to them – they’re more motivated

It’s a rewarding process to take your clients’ overarching vision and then chunk that vision down into smaller, more meaningful goals for your client to move forwards with. These visioning exercises help your clients envision and set the scene for a bigger version of their lives, as well as providing essential input to the goal-setting process.

When you discover a proven system for setting and achieving all your goals, you

  • Develop clarity about what you really want – because without clarity, you      really can’t achieve your goal
  • Feel like you have absolute control over everything that happens to you in your life
  • Never give up – you become self-disciplined and persistent in achieving your goals
  • Build your confidence, self-esteem and self-worth, resulting in more happiness and satisfaction
  • Feel like you’re FINALLY living up to your potential
  • Become unstoppable in the pursuit of your goals
  • NEVER get tripped up by a roadblock again (thanks to a powerful new mindset)
  • Duration:
    2 Days from 09H00 - 16H00
  • Assignments
    3 Coaching clients
  • Accreditation
    54 SOL CPD Points
  • Logged CPD hours
    24 hours
  • Cost:
    Licensed coaches R1000
  • Cost:
    Unlicensed coaches R3000