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Life Coach certification Course



about this course

Considering a career as professional Life Coach? Or simply want to help others reach their full potential in the workplace? Then it is the course for you. This internationally recognized Life Coach Certificate covers most popular coaching tools, techniques and methodologies used by world-leaders in coaching.

Why this course delivers SA's best coaches

It is an intense seven-day face-to-face coaching course. Not only will it accredit you as a certified Life Coach, it will also change your life completely. The course is an in-depth couching experience. Master Facilitators teach the coaching methodologies and then  demonstrate the tools and techniques on someone with a real presenting problem/limiting belief. Students then receive assistance in applying tools/techniques on fellow students with real presenting problems/limiting beliefs. This ensures that every student experiences and practices the different coaching tools and techniques. It guarantees world-class, competent and highly skilled coaches. 

course accreditation & earning potential

On the successful completion of this course, you will be internationally certified as Life Coach. It immediately enables you to start working as a professional Coach. Certification also makes you eligible to become part of the School of Life family, as a Licensed Coach. A starting fee of R550 could easily be charged per coaching session.

As a certified coach you also have the option to join the School of Life family as a licensed coach. This complete coaching business in a box will instantly catapult your coaching career.

course outcome

An in-depth understanding of the basic coaching tools, techniques and methodologies of Life coaching. It will leave you confident, competent and capable to coach clients and receive fantastic outcomes.

This Course serves also as Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Life Coach & NLP certificate course. After completion of this course you will need to complete only Module 4 for your Life Coach & NLP certificate.