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about this course

Many people come to coaching with specific goals in mind. But to be truly happy we need to do more than achieve our goals – we need to know who we are – and express that in the world. This is called being authentic. In addition, to achieve success in life – with the most ease – we need to be congruent. 

Being congruent is when our actions align with our values and who we are.

After completing this set of self-discovery tools, your clients can use their newfound knowledge about themselves in their coaching with you to bring focus, clarity and depth to their actions, habits, brainstorming, decision making, visioning and goal-setting. 

And they can learn to align their lives, priorities and actions with who they really are.

These self-discovery tools can be done in any order – although the order they are listed works well if you’d like to use the tools as a ready-to-go coaching programme. You can start your client on these tools right away.

The purpose of these Self-Discovery Tools is specifically to help your clients get to know themselves better and express themselves more authentically in the world: Who are they? What do they love? What really matters to them? What do they value most about themselves? Where might they be sabotaging themselves?

  • Duration:
    2 Days from 09H00 - 16H00
  • Assignments
    3 Coaching clients
  • Accreditation
    54 SOL CPD Points
  • Logged CPD hours
    24 hours
  • Cost:
    Licensed coaches R1000
  • Cost:
    Unlicensed coaches R3000