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School of life. SA’s #1st choice in NLP & Life Coach training

School of Life. NLP, Life coach & leadership Academy

School of Life NLP & Life Coach Academy is an industry leader in NLP and Life Coaching. We take pride in being able to offer students, across the globe, a life changing training experience.

With academies in South Africa, New Zealand, London and Washington State, you can be assured that you will get the best training offered globally. School of Life is renowned for its world class and internationally recognized Life Coach & NLP Courses and our academy delivers some of the most sought after coaches in the world .

Our trainers are certified Master NLP Trainers and can’t wait to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with eager students.

School of Life International

School of Life is an internationally accredited Life Coach & NLP Training academy

LCR - International Life Coach registrar

Internationally Accredited NLP & Life Coach Courses:

Modules Duration Cost
Life Coach & NLP Discovery Course – Read more 1 Day R499
Life coach & NLP Training Course – Read more 3 Days R3099
Life coach & NLP Certificate Course – Read More 7 Days R9199
Life coach & NLP Diploma Course – Read More 12 Days R14499
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Join our world of professional NLP Life coaches and create a ripple of change.