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Although our partnership may be a small step, it is an important step nonetheless. By joining our trivial forces, we grow stronger together.  It’s an easy and fun process and before you know it, you’ll have started a revolution of positivity in your community.

Simply start by filling out an application form to have School of Life Future Leaders host HeyLead #1 in your school. Once approved the process almost automatically unfolds. Our Future Leaders Facilitators will host HeyLead #1, as sponsored by us.

These coaches will then ask students to enrol for HeyLead #2 and this will get your school to start earning an income.

HeyLead is specifically aimed and Grade 7’s and Grade 8’s. Implying that it could become a course annually repeated in your school. School of Life Future Leaders also present various other courses designed specifically with young people in mind.  These will be offered to your students, teachers and parents on an ongoing basis, strengthening the partnership between your school and Future Leaders.

The benefits of our partnership

As a #solife Future Leaders partner, you will automatically qualify for the following amazing benefits.

  • Your school will earn 10% of every program facilitated at your school.
  • A long-term, self-sustainable leadership program running in your school.

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