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School of Life Future Leaders

The School of Life Future Leaders Program is committed to changing the world through investing in the leadership and development of the world’s youth.

School of Life HeyLife Future Leaders programs are learning workshops and coaching programs designed specifically with young people in mind.

The programs empower participants to discover their full potential, explore social issues, build transferable skills and create lasting positive change, resulting in highly motivated and inspired young individuals who take accountability and responsibility for the outcome of their own lives.

The School of Life future leaders program consists of courses for teens, parents and teachers, ensuring an all around approach to creating sustainable and lasting change.

School of Life Future Leaders program

Why #SOLIFE Future leaders?

Leadership - 98%

98% of participants felt they had experienced significant growth in their development as a leader.

Legacy - 100%

100% of participants said they felt empowered to make a positive impact, and leave behind a meaningful legacy.

Volunteerism - 91%

91% of participants have a stronger interest in volunteering.

Responsibility - 93%

93% of participants believe they can be a leader of social change.

Purpose - 98%

100% of participants said they felt empowered to make a positive impact, and leave behind a meaningful legacy.

Clarity - 96%

91% of participants have a stronger interest in volunteering.

What you get as a #SOLIFE future leader.

School of Life Future Leaders program (1)
  • Find a clearer sense of direction, passion and purpose.
  • Discover your true potential.
  • Develop world class leadership skills.
  • Connect with other young leaders and make new friends.
  • Grow your confidence and self-understanding.
  • Improve your critical thinking and social consciousness.
  • Create action leading to motivation.
  • Drastically increase emotional intelligence.
  • Learn the skill sets and tools of successful team participation.
  • Boost your public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Experience the challenge and fun of our “real life” leadership simulations.

Future leaders courses & workshops.

HeyLead Series 1
HeyLead Series 2
Future Leaders Trend setter program
Future leaders Ground breaker program
Future Leaders Coaching teacher course
Future Leaders Coaching Parent course

Coaching & Workshop Topics

  • How to respect yourself and others
  • Discovering your genius
  • Creating a personal mission statement
  • How to be a good friend
  • How to communicate effectively
  • The art and power of listening
  • Empowering others
  • Discovering your leadership style
  • How to practice leadership
  • Stop procrastination now
  • How to make wise decisions
  • How to start and lead an initiative
  • Effectively set and achieve goal
  • The power of focus
  • Being safe, smart and kind online
  • Dealing with toxic relationships
  • How to apologise
  • The importance of tenacity
  • The benefits of risk-taking
  • Attitude is everything
  • Practicing self-care
  • Public speaking
  • Designing a work/life balance
  • How to effectively deal with stress
  • The power of teamwork
  • How to finish what you start
  • The truth about self-confidence
  • Have a great relationship with your parents
  • How to manage your time
  • How to develop a healthy self-image
  • How to earn trust and respect
  • Dealing with really difficult things
  • Handling pressure and expectations
  • How to not burn out
  • The importance of healthy boundaries
  • The power of self-expression
  • Helping your parents understand you
  • Implementing lessons from everyday life
  • The skills you need to succeed
  • How to define, design and live your legacy

Fundraiser & partnership program

Future leaders Fundraiser

We believe in paying it forward.

Just imagine if you could have a self sustainable leadership program in your school that does not only develop world class leaders and students, but also raises funds for your school and generates sponsorship for your underprivileged students.
Our #SOLIFE Partnership program can make that dream a reality.

As a #SOLIFE Future-Leaders Partner, you will receive the following:
1. 6 Day Coaching Teacher Certification Course for 5 teachers valued at R37500
2. You will earn 10% of every program facilitated at your school as a fundraiser.
3. 1 underprivileged student sponsored for every 4 paying students.
4. Certified Teen Coaches in your school to act as teen counsellors.
5. A long-term self-sustainable leadership program.
6. Job creation for your school-leavers.

Partners, affiliations, strategic alliances & organisations that smile when they hear our name.