HeyLead Series 1


This will be one of the most fun-filled courses you will ever attend!

Course HeyLead Series 1
Course Duration 7 Weeks – 1 Hour per week
Course Cost R650 per student
Pre-requisite None
Audience Grade 7 – 12 students
HeyLead Series 1


Margaret Mead once said never to underestimate the impact of a small group of committed people.

The Hey Lead Course is designed with the goal of helping learners and leaders (between the ages of 14 and 18) realise the positive impact they, together with others, can have on society. These ‘transition years’ in a young person’s life can often be a terrifying experience for authority figures as own identities are shaped that might differ from the preconceived ideas parents and teachers have.

Although the course is mainly aimed at learners, it is also formulated to assist the facilitator or parent, with the guidance of a step-by-step Facilitator’s Guide, to create a safe space within which the learner can wrestle with life’s important questions, master leadership skills and become aware of the impactful life they can live with others.

This will be one of the most fun-filled courses you will ever attend!

Together we will discover the keys to unlock the future. Together we are going to laugh, cry and crack jokes. Together we are going to unbutton our hearts. I trust that these seven sessions will help you move closer to your purpose in life and equip you to help others to move closer to their purpose as well. May you enjoy these sessions together and feel closer to the bigger picture of which we are all part of.

Our HeyLead series 1 Program is one of the most amazing self discovery journeys for any current high school student that wants to discover their true ability, capability and self worth, leading to a greater understanding of self, as well as others, and a drastic increase in emotional intelligence.

This 7 week program will provide students with an array of powerful strategies that will assist them in effectively dealing with any situation that life has to offer.




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In this course:

Session 1: DNA Shaped for More!
Session 2: There for Each Other!
Session 3: Choices and Decisions?
Session 4: Do you Chat or do you Talk?
Session 5: LOOK at your World.
Session 6: HAPPINESS is a CHOICE!
Session 7: Grip it! Choose LIFE!

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